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Pimples break out !!!

Hye guys :) so long not to write anything here..

As the title mentioned, I would like to share some bittersweet experience that happened to me              several years ago. Currently issues regarding local products really overwhelming us as women.            We heard so many 'hot' topics regarding this. When was this started to happen?? HAHA. I also have no idea. Btw, most of us Asian women tend to find products that help whitening the skin complexion without really know how do those products work. WHY??

I guessed this is because Asian stigmatization by which girls with fair complexion define the beauty. This is totally misleading!! We should care most on the skin health regardless of skin colours. Personally I awe with those who have glowing, pinkish and healthy skin though they are middle-aged :) **applaud**

After all, thing happened differently on me. I faced with break-out not because of products obsessions :( But because of my carelessness. My lackadaisical final…
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I survived Engineering School !!

Hello and morning guys..
How are you doing...? :)

       After a long long time not to visit my blog, so today I would like to post some come back entry. HA HA HA XD  "I survived engineering school" as the title stated above, yea I already finished my undergraduate study and now waiting for convocation. To be true, it is actually hard guys to finish undergrad studies especially engineering... But Alhamdulillah, I made it guys..I made it even with full of hardness.        4 years which comprised of 8 semesters altogether were not a short period. Until now, I just realised I turned 23 already???!!! Oh dear.....sooo old and still immature lady.
        There were a lot of memories created along my final semester *especially Of course good and bad memories. :) The bad memory that I could remember was that I was needed to change my Final Year Project, FYP title when there were about 3 days more for the first proposal presentation day. I was absolutely PANIC. Very very panic. Why …

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wahai hati..

     berhentilah menyeksa batinku, sahabatmu...

     berhentilah kamu bersedih, berduka.. penat sang mata, sahabatmu merembeskan airnya...

     wahai hati..

     aku tahu engkau tabah, engkau ikhlas.. jangan sakiti dirimu..

     akal juga penat memujuk kamu wahai hati...

     kenapa kamu selalu mementingkan dirimu sendiri.. bersedih selalu ?

     hari ini, mata melihat sesuatu.. maafkan mata kerana ternampak senyuman dia, yang membuatkan hati

     rasa sedih...

    akal, kamu fikirlah sendiri relevannya... pujuk hati yang sedang sedih ~

   #berjalan dengan linangan air mata


Pagi ni hujan .. lebat.. sejuk.. sesejuk hatiku yang beku ~

kenapalah aku tetiba dok rajin scroll timeline dia pagi2 nih.. kan dah zentap..

ye lahh.. sedar diri sikit.. kau tu bukannya his 1st love.

aku dah sedia maklum, tapi masih lagi ada api cemburu dalam hati aku ni .. kenapa ?

mungkin sebab, aku rasa aku jujur dengan perasaan diri sendiri terhadap dirinya, dan dia juga telah berbuat perkara yg sama terhadap si Dia yg terdahulu.

sayangnya kamu terhadap dirinya... kuatnya rasa kasihmu terhadap dirinya... sampaikan aku rasa, aku belum lagi menakluki sepenuh jiwamu.

mungkin banyak lebihnya dirinya berbanding diriku..

mungkin banyak kenangan, memori indah dirimu bersama dirinya.. yang menjadi rahsia, rapi disimpan olehmu..

aku cemburu

kenapa kamu tak lagi begitu bersama diriku ?

tidak bahagiakah kamu setelah berada disampingku ?

aku silap merasakan bahawa kau telah menjadi milikku sepenuhnya..

aku tertanya-tanya, siapakah yang akan kau rindui ketika berseorangan?

bayangan siapakah ya…

Unforgettable S E P E T ~

Hello everyone :)

This entry exclusively I want to share about my very first pet ----------> S E P E T !
But sadly, he was no longer in this world. This cat had died and the whole family of mine can feel his absence.

 First of all, Sepet was not a Persian type of cats or any other glamour kind of cats.. He was only a stray cat. He got white base fur colour and several spot of orange colours. I still remember when the first time he came to our house and like begging for food... He was very ugly, got injured, very thin that I could see his rib cage... and got disgusting ringworms around his body...

Oh my God.. poor cat.. Ayah fed him by giving a bowl of rice mixed with a bit of fish.. Cat is seem to be the last listed pet for Ayah. Ayah had a kind of historical, unforgettable memories with cats before. Ayah once got a cat but he defecated on his bed. This was all made him upset !! Since then, Ayah is less interested in cats...... But then, because of humanity and sympath…

My day , My day , My day . . .

Assalamualaikum :)

.... ermm.. our lives such a time race..Every single seconds mean a lot for us. Every precious moment would never happened again. Believe me. For instance, a date with a boyfriend/girlfriend would never be the same as the first date.. even though both are still the same couple.Your feelings... your conversations..... everything gonna change ! Yes... your happiness your sadness would never be from the same causes as previous ~ We should once ponder about this, how we gonna appreciate every moment left... with family,with friends.. since every lives will come to an end.

Some kind of sentimental introduction  I guess . wakakaka XD

         ok now serious matter. Last week and still of my family members was admitted to hospital (HBKL). My beloved brother :( He was suspected dengue after the third check up as his blood was said to have concentrated. To make things become worst, his platelet significantly drop in number from 114 t…

My first attempt !! Not bad ~

Hola !! :D Good morning folks ! mwehehehe..

        Anyway, it seems like to have a rainy morning here because I can see the dark clouds in the sky.. wohh!! that's mean I can sleep again !! OMG OMG OMG !! 
        Today is the 8th days of semester break.. hurmm..started to think what I will be doing for another 4 weeks?? URGhh.. bored already. I am thinking about to do a part time job but then ibu seems not to give permission. 
     You know what, recently I did kek batik !! That was my first trial ever. Not bad guys...not bad... hukhukhuk.. before this I just listened to the recipe from my friend but never done it ! As usual, I will ask my sister to do it along.. not that I afraid of cooking alone .. I just need to have a companion. :P
     ermm... a bit trouble happened because I don't know the exact measurement of ingredients so that how could I measured them out ???? T,T then, my creativity brainwave came... hehe. I just tibai whatever that I had..