Wednesday, 11 June 2014

transmission line

     wahai hati..
     berhentilah menyeksa batinku, sahabatmu...

     berhentilah kamu bersedih, berduka.. penat sang mata, sahabatmu merembeskan airnya...

     wahai hati..

     aku tahu engkau tabah, engkau ikhlas.. jangan sakiti dirimu..

     akal juga penat memujuk kamu wahai hati...

     kenapa kamu selalu mementingkan dirimu sendiri.. bersedih selalu ?

     hari ini, mata melihat sesuatu.. maafkan mata kerana ternampak senyuman dia, yang membuatkan hati
     rasa sedih...

    akal, kamu fikirlah sendiri relevannya... pujuk hati yang sedang sedih ~

   #berjalan dengan linangan air mata



Thursday, 5 June 2014


Pagi ni hujan .. lebat.. sejuk.. sesejuk hatiku yang beku ~

kenapalah aku tetiba dok rajin scroll timeline dia pagi2 nih.. kan dah zentap..

ye lahh.. sedar diri sikit.. kau tu bukannya his 1st love.

aku dah sedia maklum, tapi masih lagi ada api cemburu dalam hati aku ni .. kenapa ?

mungkin sebab, aku rasa aku jujur dengan perasaan diri sendiri terhadap dirinya, dan dia juga telah berbuat perkara yg sama terhadap si Dia yg terdahulu.

sayangnya kamu terhadap dirinya... kuatnya rasa kasihmu terhadap dirinya... sampaikan aku rasa, aku belum lagi menakluki sepenuh jiwamu.

mungkin banyak lebihnya dirinya berbanding diriku..

mungkin banyak kenangan, memori indah dirimu bersama dirinya.. yang menjadi rahsia, rapi disimpan olehmu..

aku cemburu

kenapa kamu tak lagi begitu bersama diriku ?

tidak bahagiakah kamu setelah berada disampingku ?

aku silap merasakan bahawa kau telah menjadi milikku sepenuhnya..

aku tertanya-tanya, siapakah yang akan kau rindui ketika berseorangan?

bayangan siapakah yang akan muncul? diriku atau dirinya ?

aku cemburu

walaupun telah kau jelaskan berjuta kali, namun jauh disudut hati kecil ini.. masih berduka lara..

maafkan aku kerana aku hanyalah berkata benar..

bukan tidak percaya akan dirimu... tapi... kau tahukan bagaimana sifatku.

-nota hati lara-

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Unforgettable S E P E T ~

            Hello everyone :)

This entry exclusively I want to share about my very first pet ----------> S E P E T !
But sadly, he was no longer in this world. This cat had died and the whole family of mine can feel his absence.

 First of all, Sepet was not a Persian type of cats or any other glamour kind of cats.. He was only a stray cat. He got white base fur colour and several spot of orange colours. I still remember when the first time he came to our house and like begging for food... He was very ugly, got injured, very thin that I could see his rib cage... and got disgusting ringworms around his body...

Oh my God.. poor cat.. Ayah fed him by giving a bowl of rice mixed with a bit of fish.. Cat is seem to be the last listed pet for Ayah. Ayah had a kind of historical, unforgettable memories with cats before. Ayah once got a cat but he defecated on his bed. This was all made him upset !! Since then, Ayah is less interested in cats...... But then, because of humanity and sympathy encouraged ayah to feed Sepet :)

After that, Sepet frequently came to our house.... "meowww meooww... "he sounded very slowly and made us even sad...and again, we feed him as usual. This happened for a few days until one day, he seemed not to appear... We actually never bother too much at that time..we just ignored..

On one night Ayah told us that Sepet was behind our neighbour house. He had broken leg and just laid there in coldness. Broken leg??!!! That was why he didn't come to our house.. He might be very hungry :'(
Everyday, Ayah sent a bowl of rice mixed with a bit fish and also a bowl of water to Sepet.. Ayah told him to eat if he want to recover.. Ayah said that, if injured animals are still have desire to eat and drink, that's mean they still have chances to alive otherwise, they would die.

Suddenly, I found Sepet was under Ayah's car... He could move !! I was very delighted to see that. However, he couldn't walk normally.. he walked in bumping ~ Then Ayah convinced me that, the cat struggled to still, our responsibility to give a help. We helped him as much as we could by giving him food as he couldn't find food by himself. Day by day.. he started to recover.. he could walk normally.. and run happilly like other cats.. :)

The ringworms also gone as Ayah always smeared benzene on his body.. I don't believe but it really worked !!! I don't know.. Ayah like gifted to treat whatever animals with simple sickness. No need to consult vet which it surely costed us. He grew up well and became fluffy !! :) The special thing of Sepet was, he never made annoying sounds and only sit silently when he was hungry. He was a pleasant.. :) :)

He was named as Sepet because of his eyes... He never wide opened his eyes if it was always been exposed to bright sunlight beam.. cute..... :) Plus he could do massage too !! Just imagine a cat with half close eyes, massaging... HAHA.. hilarious~ He made my days.. :)

As the days past, he became a grown male cat. He started to find his partner and mating.. Unfortunately, his genital region was infected. It kept producing fluid.... :( Since then, Sepet didn't eat much... I knew he was suffering from an illness.. He became thinner and thinner....:'( We couldn't effort to find a vet for him...

Since then, he always laid down under Ayah's car... when the time to eat, we called him out.. "meoowww.."
Then he replied "meeooww.." too and came out slowly.. :(

But... his illness became worst day by day...he refused to eat anything and didn't make any sound.. Ibu pulled him out from underneath car and dropped water to his mouth. He swallowed the water as he was very thirsty...  Then, Ibu put him down and covered his body with thick cloth...I could see his respiration was not normal...He breathed very rapidly liked gasping for air... :'(  It seemed so hard for him..

Sadly say, that was the last day Sepet in this world.. A couple hours later, we noticed he was gone.. gone forever !!!!!! :'(

You had absolutely clawed your name in our heart Sepet. We will not forget about about you forever ~

 <3 <3 <3

Friday, 24 January 2014

My day , My day , My day . . .

          Assalamualaikum :)

.... ermm.. our lives such a time race..Every single seconds mean a lot for us. Every precious moment would never happened again. Believe me. For instance, a date with a boyfriend/girlfriend would never be the same as the first date.. even though both are still the same couple.Your feelings... your conversations..... everything gonna change ! Yes... your happiness your sadness would never be from the same causes as previous ~ We should once ponder about this, how we gonna appreciate every moment left... with family,with friends.. since every lives will come to an end.

Some kind of sentimental introduction  I guess . wakakaka XD

         ok now serious matter. Last week and still of my family members was admitted to hospital (HBKL). My beloved brother :( He was suspected dengue after the third check up as his blood was said to have concentrated. To make things become worst, his platelet significantly drop in number from 114 to 84 !! I don't really understand what was really going on but I believe that was a bad news. From the first day, he had a fever right after went back from school (Wednesday evening) His body was getting hotter and hotter and he asked ibu for some medicines. He took paracetamol but unfortunately, it didn't work. His desire to eat decreased and refused to eat anything..

          3 nights in row, ibu and ayah brought him to clinic or hospital and he had received an injection to reduce his hotness. At the same time, because of irregular meal taking, he also got gastric.He vomit for nothing from empty belly and diarrhea. This just made him even sick and weak :(

          Ibu agreed when a doctor told her that he must be warded. This is all for the sake of his health and he would also get good supervision and treatment.During evening (visiting time), ibu and I visited him and brought some of his requirement. I could see a bottle with sodium chloride hung at a pole beside his bed was channelled to him. Yup.. that was the only so-called medicine for dengue patients. I was once got dengue during twelve and it was the same fluid. The only way to cure dengue is the patients need to drink as much as they can. I predict the particular bacteria might get out from the body through urea or perspiration.

         In the evening, I went to the hospital again with ibu just to make sure he was fine. Ibu worried if he wouldn't consume the meal and meds accordingly. I could see rashes started to appear all over his body. That was the symptoms of dengue ! His skin also started to flake as if it was dried. These were the consequences of his higher body temperature. But glad, he started to eat something. :)

        The next day, early in the morning, I went with ayah. We brought some kuih for him and also 2 bottles of heated water.( he texted ibu and asked for them). That was the forbid time to visit but who cares ! Ayah gave excuses to the guard then he let us in :) As soon as we entered the wad, Afiq was seen to sit on his bed.He just taken his breakfast. A chunk of potato bun and a cup of tea. Coincidentally, that was the time for doctors to check the patients. So many doctors around were busy checking patients with variety of sickness.Diabetes,high-blood pressure were enough to creep me out. =,= By the the time doctor checked Afiq, I stood beside the doctor and listened to whatever she talked. She said, Afiq's condition getting better but might be temporarily so, she asked Afiq to drink more water.

         After that, I was not allowed by ibu to go along as I was needed to look after my nephew, E-man. ermmm... I stayed at home and watched tv. Love in Paris and Be careful with my heart dramas on TV3 have caught my attention :)  All happened quite the same for a few days.

         Then, yesterday evening, Afiq was allowed to return home ! His platelet increased and achieved rather a stable condition. Everybody was glad and happy to hear that. Now, Afiq is at home. :) :) :) 4 days in hospital really taught him many lessons. No more syringes every 6hours, no more meds and no more sodium chloride supplied through hand veins!!!!  HAHA. This incident had switched our daily lives activities a lot which I need to shuttle ibu between home and hospital and biked if to avoid traffic congestion in KL.

        huhhhhh....... hectic life ever! Then now, I would like to remind you that prevention is better than cure !
Nowadays, dengue seems to be rampant. Please banish stagnant water and be at home at 5.30-6.30am and 6.00-7.00pm. This duration is believed to be the time when mosquitos (Aedes) are actively attacking.

        ByeII folks !! thanks for reading ^_^


Saturday, 18 January 2014

My first attempt !! Not bad ~

          Hola !! :D Good morning folks ! mwehehehe..

        Anyway, it seems like to have a rainy morning here because I can see the dark clouds in the sky.. wohh!! that's mean I can sleep again !! OMG OMG OMG !! 

        Today is the 8th days of semester break.. hurmm..started to think what I will be doing for another 4 weeks?? URGhh.. bored already. I am thinking about to do a part time job but then ibu seems not to give permission. 

     You know what, recently I did kek batik !! That was my first trial ever. Not bad guys...not bad... hukhukhuk.. before this I just listened to the recipe from my friend but never done it ! As usual, I will ask my sister to do it along.. not that I afraid of cooking alone .. I just need to have a companion. :P

     ermm... a bit trouble happened because I don't know the exact measurement of ingredients so that how could I measured them out ???? T,T then, my creativity brainwave came... hehe. I just tibai whatever that I had.. 

            Lalalalala ~ a few minutes later, my kek batik was done... ermm... from the appearance, it looked tasty, but the taste itself...... I DON'T HAVE IDEA.. haha XD I put it in the freezer.. ermm.. and secretly wished, no one would noticed my kek batik. I know later,everybody would criticize especially ayah and KAKAK... tak supportive langsung ~ :( :P

       Suprisingly, kakak ate it and love it. :D I was like curse my own cake - " Don't you dare to eat the cake, it only makes you to vomit all out in your belly !"  huhu.. Contrastingly, she liked it and asked me to bake the kek batik again. Wohh !! The fact was I thrilled by the wordsssss.. HAHA ..nice !

          I might bake the kek batik again, but with improvement of course. teeheeeeee ~ Ayah also liked gave me advice which I should use the different butter, because the one I had been used only make my kek batik even harder. Inappropriate ingredient I guess.. gahaha XD

Hokayyyy... that's all........ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I miss abang so muchh....... :'( I feel like being seperated for yearss... (exagerrated)
We are always keep in touch and get update about each other but's just not enough..... ~
Tommorow, Insha Allah abang and along would come to SENTUL. He told me that his along is going to walk in interview at the clinics/hospital nearby... I don't know if Sentul got clinics or hospital around...hehew.. seriously??????? sentul got one??????? where it is??????????????? I only know the General Hospital KL. @_@

I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is abangggg !!! =) he's driving and I candit his picture. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Compilation of computer aided assignment =='

     Here we go ! Now I would like to announce that I am officially ended with my 3rd semeseter !!! oyeahhhh!! #crazyfrogdance

     Simply say, my third semester was absolutely incredible! I was like zombie all day with my swollen eye bag eyes.. phewww~ T,T

      Frankly say, throughout my life, I never burned the midnight oil ! Not because I am a hardworking person, study everyday so that I didn't do so.. ermmm... It's only because that was not my routine~ HEHE

     And noww... I want to show you guys my workload during my 3rd semester specifically on my computer aided class. By the way, I supposed to hate this subject but after all, I still could finished up all assignments by myself ! with NO PLAGIARISM for sure :3

     This was one of the assignments which my friends and I stayed up all night, encountered so many troubles till one time Ama's laptop down and she needed to do all again from the beginning T,T

Reactor in 3D (acad3D)

Valve sideviews
2D drawing (autocad)
2D drawing - multiviews
2D drawing - multiviews

      errrmmm... to attach the pictures here are also a hard work ! =,,= There are still a lot in queue.. I am sicked of searching the files where I saved them.. c'mon stuffs.!

2D drawing - multiviews

Visio, the last assignment ^_^

      see. !!!!!!!! haha.. maybe it looks simple and easy ~ but for me, a beginner, to start off  needed full patient, passionate and hardwork. Most of them are last minutes work produced. It took days to complete the drawings and at the same time to become familiar with the software. Hopefully, I would still remember how to use the software till my final year. HOPEFULLY ! :D

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

me, as a secret admirer

 hai ! =)
korang pernah admire someone?? aku.. GILA tak pernah.. haha

oke..bermulalah al-kisah aku admire seorang mamat yang diberi nama Syahmi (bukan nama sebenar) hehe.
Waktu ni, aku berada di ting.4. Semuanya bermula dengan tidak disengajakan ...

Ting.4 bagi aku serta kawan2 yg lain adalah time heaven. Almaklumlah.. dah senior, lagi2 bukan budak2 nak ambek exam besar...wakaka.. time ni lah budak2 me'lagha' nye. =)

Ehemm... semua time ni dah ada skandal masing2 ~aku... aku je tak ada.. haishh.. aku pon buat lah cerita aku suka sowang senior ni. SENIOR bhaii... =P.. tah sape2, aku main petik je... aku pun tunjuk mamat senior ni --------> Syahmi ! Mula-mula main petik... lama-lama jadi meng'usha pulakk dah.. teeheee

kawan-kawan yang rapat dgn aku ambik serius benda nih.. setiap kali TERserempak.. dieorang point out & keneng2 kan dengan Syahmi.. tak pasal2 je.. haha. kesian mamat tuh yg tak tahu apa2 ~
Aku pulak.. jenis melayan.. buat2 excited lah bila terserempak =P

YEE !!! buat2 sangat... last2, betol pulak aku sangkut dengan Syahmi... mungkin dah hari2 cakap 'suka'..jadi doa pulak.. ekekeke~

Dan.... memang betul pon aku admire Syahmi... setiap kali terserempak, aku jadi excited.. haish.. nampok benor gatalnye ! sebab selalu sangat terserempak, aku dah hafal laluan dia, timing dia... semua pasal dia...
sampailah aku ke tahap buat-buat terserempak !! =,=

diakan senior... bukan selalu boleh jumpa..lagi2 dia ting.5 time tu... selalu pergi dewan ~ punyalah admire kan.. aku jadi the best stalker ever !!! aku tahu dia asal mana.. SEMUANYA... aku pun tak ingat macam mana aku boleh tahu.. nampak sangat aku terlampau alert pasal Syahmi~

yang aku ingat, sorang akak dormate aku, 1 kelas BI dengan dia.. agak selalulah dia bercerita pasal syahmi ~ aku pun selalu je excited nak tahu pasal dia :) ish3~ dari akak tu jugak lah aku update pasal syahmi :)

hehehehe... bila pergi kantin, dewan makan....... aku akan berusaha untuk terserempak syahmi.. dan kebetulan sangat timing aku dan dia selalu sama :) bila aku kat dewan makan, time tu jugaklah dia pun kat dewan makan :)

pernah 1 saat, aku nampak dia beli macam nuget, sosej dekat kiosk dan blahhh ~ aku dgn gelabahnye, pergi beli sosej jugak.... semata-mata nak pegang bekas sos yg dia baru guna utk letak sos tadi... aku berusaha mintak bekas sos yg warna kuning (ketika itulah)... walhal, bekas sos yg lain pun sos cili jugak..... semua yg ada kat situ macam fed up jugak lah dengan aku... bhahahahahahaha XD

aku berjaya kot dapatkan bekas sos kuning !!! hakhak ! dah lah ramai gilerrr kat kiosk malam2 !
nak dijadikan cerita, tengah rancak aku menikmati sosej sambil lepak2 kat pagar kiosk tuh bersama member2 aku... baru aku perasan.... SYAHMI and THE GANG melepak tak jauh daripada kiteorang....(kat kawasan kerusi rehat berdekatan). MAKNANYA PERILAKU SEMANGAT AKU NAK BEKAS SOS KUNIG TUH KEMUNGKINAN BESAR DIA PERASAN !!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!! :O malu2~

wakakakaka... kerja giler jugak aku nih.. daripada admire, jadi syok sendiri pulak dahh.. sebab al-kisah nih dah agak lama... aku tak ingat sangat apa kerja obses yg aku dah lakukan.. hurmmm ...hurmm...

kat sekoalh aku ada buat special delivery taww... tah kelab ape ta yg rajin buat... tapi, setiap taun pasti ada... time nilah budak2 nak tahu sape paling 'hot' ramai admirer =P (takdelaaaa....) tapi boleh jadilahhh... sape2 yg hot utk dijadikan kakak or adik angkat bagai.. mwehehehe...

dannn..... aku jarang ambek port pasal special delivery sejak form 1 !! seriusshit aku cakap..tapi, time form4, aku buat kot special delivery :) :) :) :)

aku bagi dekat syahmi.... from: anonymous. to: syahmi. ucapan: gud luck spm :)

nampak kan misteri nye !!!!!! aku bagi dia kinder bueno ~ ingat lagi.. =)

sejak aku bagi dia kider bueno, aku rasa kegiatan meng'usha aku , dia perasanlah... herrmmmm.. tak tahulah kalau aku je perasan lebih... tapi, itulah firasat aku ketika itu ~

pendekkan cerita, time spm...1st paper mereka.. paper BM.. time PREP petang, aku naik kelas dan pergi kt locker dia =) aku tampal sticker note kat locker dia dengan ucapan: gud luck spm, banyakkan selawat ~
from:_____ (aku tulis nama aku mengikut num.alpahabet) hehehe

lepas tuh, petang2 sikit... senior2 semua dah habis paper... aku perasan dia pergi bilik guru yang bertentangan je dgn kelas aku... macam biasa, aku 'usha' lah ~ tapi.... aku rasa dia perhati aku balik..
KANTOI !!!!! time tuh, aku sangat yakin dia dah tahu aku yg admire dia..wakakakakaka...

tamat ~ nak cerita, panjang lagi tawww.... tapi, nak tahu lebih lanjut..tanye aku personally okay.. insya Allah aku sudi jawb =)

# mengaku suka pada crush memang memalukan, tapi,tak cakap rasa menyesal..
namun, apa yang aku rasa sekarang, pengalaman gila2 aku sangat kelakar !! obses nak mampos ~
astagfirullah ~